Qatar Association for Rehabilitations of Special Needs

A charitable, nonprofit able organization that provides support for individuals (that have disabilities), and their families.
There are more than 10, 000 members from both genders, Qataris and non-Qataris, of the Qatar Association for rehabilitation of special needs, as of mid-2023.
Establishment and formation of the Association:
The Association begun in accordance with law No. (2) of 1947, which regulates the establishment of associations, and amended laws. As an entity, it has unlimited duration. Its headquarters is located at Doha.
The Association began performing its activities and programs on, 4/11/1412 AH, which corresponds to, 6th of May 1992, it was registered in the records of the ministry of labour, housing and social affairs at that time “A non-profitable Qatari Association”, under the digit (5).
Regulations of the statute of the Association:
The Ministry of Labour, Housing and Social Affairs issued the statute of the associations system, in the year of 1992, in which it consists of 6 parts, each part containing multiple of articles that explains how to manage running an association, its goals, and programs.

The types of disability that are registered in the Association:

  • Complex and Multiple disabilities
  • Physical disability
  • Intellectual in all types
  • Hearing (Deaf, weakness in hearing, cochlear implants cases)
  • Visual (Blind people, low vision individuals)
  • Autism
  • Down syndrome
    The headquarter and centers of the Association:
  • The main headquarters of the Association {1992}
  • The social and cultural centers for those with disabilities {1993}
  • Educational centers for persons with disabilities {1993}
  • Rehabilitation center for Females {1999}
  • Rehabilitation center for Males {1999}
    Total number of registered members at the centers and headquarters {480}, with roughly {120} in each center, excluding those registered at the main headquarters.
    All the services and programs are provided by the Association and its centers are given for free, alongside that the Association works
    to develop services based on needs of each member in their own special requirements.
    (Al Hayat) Magazine:
    The Association issues a quarterly magazine called “Al Hayat”, which is specialized for individuals with disabilities addressing topics of interest to professionals in special education and rehabilitation, also the development of services that meet the needs and requirements of individuals with disabilities.
    Our mission:
  • To create an inclusive community that guarantees equality, equal opportunities, and fully accommodates people with disabilities.
    Our vision:
  • To provide educational, social, psychological, and professional rehabilitation for people with disabilities.
    Our philosophy:
  • To provide the highest level of psychological, social, family, financial, and educational care for members and their families of the Association, whether Qatari or non-Qatari.
    Our goals:
  • To rehabilitate and care for people with disabilities (academically, educationally, socially, psychologically).
  • To create professional centers to rehabilitate and train people with mental disabilities.
  • To improve the quality of life for people with disabilities.
  • To provide appropriate support to achieve independent living.
  • To raise social awareness about issues related to people with disabilities (prevention, safe co-existence).
  • To apply global experiences and expertise, and to hire professional coaches in the field of rehabilitation and training and the development of skills and abilities of people with disabilities.
  • To support research, studies, initiatives, and exemplary experiences related to disability issues.
  • To establish a data base system and enhance disability registration and classification.
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